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Employment Verification Request


[Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr] [First Name] [Last Name]




[City] [State] [Zip]

Dear [Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr] [Last Name]:

We are in the process of checking out the rental application submitted by the person named above as "Employee."

This person claims to be working for you currently as a [Enumerate] earning [$------] per Day/Week/Month. This person also claims to have started working for you as of [Enumerate].

Because time is a factor in our approving this employee to rent from us, we would appreciate you calling us as soon as possible for a verification of this information.

Our telephone number is [Telephone Number], and we are generally available at the following times:

If you cannot phone us, please complete the section below and mail this entire letter back to us at your earliest convenience.


[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Telephone Number]

The above information is correct with the following exceptions:

(if none, write "none")

Is this employment part-time? [ ] or full-time? [ ]

Is this employment temporary? [ ] permanent? [ ]