DIY Legal Forms

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Overqualified For Position

[Company Letterhead]


[Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr] [First Name] [Last Name]




[City] [State] [Zip]

Dear [Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr] [Last Name]:

We appreciate your interest in joining our company as a [Job Title]. Your resume is very impressive with [--] years of experience as a [Position] and [--] years as a [Position]. There is no doubt that you are certainly qualified for the current opening.

However, our personnel staff feel that you are overqualified for even the most challenging job responsibility for this position. We feel that we could not hire you to fill a restrictive position where salary increases are minimal. There is no doubt that your qualifications will certainly be appreciated by a much larger company.

In consideration of your ability and qualifications,we have enclosed several phone numbers and names of personnel staff that are currently hiring accountants. Though we cannot guarantee you of anything, we suggest that you give them a call at your earliest convenience.

Again, we thank you for your time and interest in our company, and we wish you continued success in pursuit of your career objectives.


[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Telephone Number]