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Merchant's Firm Offer To Supply Specific Goods

(Under the UCC, whether or not consideration is provided, between merchants a price quote can be enforced for a period up to 90 days. This form provides a firm offer and allows the period of time when the offer is good to be stated in case a time period of less than 90 days is desired.)


Federal Fence Post Supply, referred to herein as supplier offers to supply to Construction, Inc., referred to herein as "Customer", the following:

Quantity of purchase:

Maximum number of units available:

Terms: (--) days ARO, FOB

Price per unit: ($--)

This is a firm offer under Section 2-205 of the Uniform Commercial Code and will remain open for (--) days from date of making.

FOR [Name]

Dated: __________________________

The offer made by Federal Fence Post Supply is accepted, and the following order entered as is provided in the offer:

Item: fenceposts

Quantity of purchase:/p>

Delivery date requested:

Terms: (--) days net

FOR Construction, Inc.