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Apartment Rules and Regulations

These rules are for the mutual benefit of all tenants

Please cooperate

Violations may cause termination of your Lease.

01. Pets. No animals permitted in the Apartment without written consent of Lessor or Lessor's agent (which may be revoked on [number] days' notice at any time). No animals permitted without leash in any public area of the Building.

02. Public Areas Kept Clear. Passages, public halls, stairways, landings, elevators, and elevator vestibules shall not be obstructed or used for children's play or for any other purpose than for ingress to and egress from the Building or apartments, nor shall children be permitted to congregate or play in or around the common interior areas of the Building. All personal possessions must be kept in the Apartment or in other storage areas, if provided.

03. Deliveries. All furniture, supplies, goods, and packages of every kind shall be delivered through the rear or service entrance, stairway or elevator.

04. Storage of Carriages, Bicycles, Etc. Carriages, bicycles, sleds, and the like are not allowed in the lobbies, public halls, passageways, courts, or elevators of the Building and are to be stored only in places designated for their storage by Lessor.

05. Washers and Dryers. Laundry and drying apparatus shall be used in the manner and times as Lessor may clearly post in such area. Clothes washers and dryers, and dishwashers, unless installed by Lessor, cannot be kept in the Apartment.

06. Garbage Disposal. The use of garbage receptacles or incinerator shall be in accordance with posted signs, and only garbage and refuse wrapped in small, tight parcels may be placed in garbage receptacles or incinerator hoppers. Aerosol cans or inflammable materials shall be placed in garbage receptacles or dropped into the incinerator only if permitted by the posted sign; they are highly explosive.

07. Signs. No sign, signal, illumination, advertisement, notice, or any other lettering or equipment shall be exhibited, inscribed, painted, affixed or exposed on or at any window or on any part of the outside or inside of the Apartment or the Building without Lessor's prior written consent.

08. Awnings, Air Conditioners, Antennas. No awnings or other projections including air conditioners, television or radio antennas or wiring shall be attached to or extended from or beyond the outside walls of the Building.

09. Installation of Locks, Etc. Tenant shall not alter any lock or install a new lock or a knocker or other attachment on any door of the Apartment without Lessor's written consent.

10. No Personal Articles in Public Area. No waste receptacles, supplies, footwear, umbrellas, or other articles shall be placed in the halls or on the staircase landings, nor shall anything be hung or shaken from the windows or balconies or placed upon the outside window sills.

11. Disturbance of Other Occupants. No noise, music, or other sounds shall be permitted at any time in such manner as to disturb or annoy other occupants of the Building.

12. Use of Plumbing Facilities. The water closets, basins, and other plumbing fixtures shall not be used for any purpose other than for those for which they were designed; no sweepings, rubbish, rags, or any other improper articles shall be thrown into them. Any damage resulting from misuse of facilities shall be paid for by Tenant.

13. Cooking and Baking. There shall be no cooking and baking done in or about the Apartment except in the kitchen. Cooking on a barbecue or other similar equipment on a porch, terrace, or balcony is expressly forbidden.

14. Use of Master Television Antenna. If Lessor provides a television master antenna hookup, only Lessor's authorized agent shall install Tenant's television set to the master antenna, and Tenant agrees to pay the installation cost and annual maintenance fee. Tenant shall permit access to disconnect the hookup for nonpayment. Tenant agrees to pay ---------- dollars ($----------) liquidated damage to Lessor's authorised agent for each illegal hookup in Tenant's Apartment.

15. Water Beds, Etc. No furniture filled with liquid or semiliquid shall be brought in or used in the Apartment unless contained in proper frame and liner.