DIY Legal Forms

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Notice From Landlord To Sell Unclaimed Property At Auction

This NOTICE is given that I [Name], (name and address of landlord) will sell the following unclaimed property [Describe] at a public auction on [Date], at [Address] to pay for the charges incurred of maintaining and storing of the unclaimed property pursuant to:

[Applicable statute]

The property is stored at [Address] until the date of public auction.

The following charges have incurred for the storage and maintenance of the property:






Owners of unclaimed second hand property

[Do Not Use For New Property]

Pursuant to [cite relevant statute or rule], notice is given that the persons listed below appear to be the owners of unclaimed money or other personal property. Information concerning the amount or description of the money or other personal property and the name and address of the holder may be obtained by anyone possessing an interest in this unclaimed property, by writing to [title and address of proper state or other official], giving the name, number, and address, as shown in this notice. Unless proof of claim is presented to the holder and the owners right to receive the property is established to the holders satisfaction by [Date], the unclaimed property will be placed in the custody of the [Title of proper state or other official] not later than [Date], and all further claims must be directed to the [Title of proper state or other official].

Signature and office of proper state or other official

In the address(es) shown below, the State of [State] is intended, unless otherwise stated.

Names and address(es)