DIY Legal Forms

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Promissory Installment Note

FOR GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, the undersigned Borrowers, jointly and severally, do hereby promise to pay to ______________ (Lender), the amount of _____________, together with interest accrued at the rate of ________ percent per __________, compounded __________. Said amount is to be payable in _________ installments of _______________, the first of which is due on or before ______________, and following payments to be made on the ____________ of each ________________.

Payments shall be made in the following fashion:

This Note shall be considered in default if Borrowers are more than one payment late. In case of such default, Borrowers agree to pay all reasonable expenses, including court costs and attorney fees, incurred during collection proceedings.

This Note may be paid in full at any time without penalty charge.

This Note acknowledges an outstanding account balance exists with the Borrowers, and it is understood that this instrument is not to be construed as a separate obligation.

Date: ____________.