DIY Legal Forms

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Notice of Storage Termination

________________ (date)

To: ___________________________

_______________________________ (address)


You are hereby notified that the storage agreement terminates on ____________ (date), with respect to the goods covered by our warehouse receipt no. __________, issued on __________ (date), which goods consist of the following:

(Description of Stored Goods)

All charges must be paid and the goods removed from our premises at ____________________ (address) no later than (date).

This demand for removal and payment of charges is made pursuant to __________ (cite local enactment of UCC $ 7-206).

If the goods are not removed on or before __________ (date), and all charges relating thereto paid in full, we shall proceed, under the authority of __________ (cite local enactment of UCC $ 7-210), to sell the goods.


(Signature of warehouse person or authorized agent)