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Agreement by Custodial Parent to Execute IRS Form 8332 in Favor of Noncustodial Parent

(Separation Agreement Provision

Wife hereby releases to Husband all rights that Wife has in fact and in law to claim the parties' minor children, [names], as dependents for federal and local income tax purposes. In furtherance of Husband's right to claim the parties' aforesaid minor children as dependents for federal and local income tax purposes. Wife will execute and acknowledge a release of her right thereto so that any or all of the aforesaid children may be claimed by Husband as dependents. Such release shall be made on Internal Revenue Service Form 8332 or such other form that complies with the applicable sections of the Internal Revenue Code then in effect and any regulations adopted furtherance thereof. Husband may demand delivery of any such release at any time in or following the taxable year to which such release applies, provided all payments due from Husband to Wife pursuant to this Agreement and any additions or amendments thereto or pursuant to any other agreements between the parties, regardless of when executed are current. If any such payments are in arrears, Wife shall not be obligated to deliver such release to husband until all such payments have been made and Husbands obligations to Wife are current.