DIY Legal Forms

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Request For Information Of Inactive Credit Account


[Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr] [First Name] [Last Name]




[City] [State] [Zip]

Dear [Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr] [Last Name]:

According to my records, your company has not purchased any (Product) from us for over [--] months. After speaking to my sales force, I have discovered that you changed to another supplier of [Type of product].

In the past, we have had a solid relationship I'd appreciate your taking the time to let me know why you decided to change suppliers. Our company has always made an effort to match competitor prices and provide outstanding customer service.

We would hate to permanently lose the business of a long standing customer such as yourself. Please give me a call at the phone number below and let me know how I can convince you to give our company a second chance. We value your business and do not want to lose it.


[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Phone Number]