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Notice Of Probation




You have received earlier warnings of unsatisfactory performance or violation of our personnel rules.

As you can understand. We do everything possible to retain good employees; however; when repeated violations or poor performance continues. We usually have no other choice but to dismiss the employee.

However, we do want to give you one final opportunity to prove your value to our company and with that objective we are placing you on a [--] month probation. Upon continued unsatisfactory performance during this probationary period, we shall have no alternative but to terminate your employment.

Hopefully you will accept this as a chance to prove to both yourself and us that our confidence in you was justified.

Please contact upon receipt of this notice as we do want to review your employment record with you. clarify the conditions of probation and assist you in whatever way possible toward improved performance.


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Your Position / Title

C.C. To: [Name]