DIY Legal Forms

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Notice Of Deficiency


From: [name and address of Creditor]

To: [name and address of Debtor]

The Repossession and Sale Notice mailed to you on [date] advised you that the following personal property:

[list of property],

which has been repossessed for failure to comply with the terms of your Contract, would be sold if redemption was not made by a designated date.

This is to advise that since the redemption was not made, the Collateral has been sold at private sale, and the net proceeds of the sale have been applied to your account, leaving a deficit owing of ........ dollars ($........).

Under the terms of your Contract, this deficiency is now due and payable. It is of vital importance that you remit or make satisfactory arrangements for its liquidation within [number] days from the date of this notice.

All payments or arrangements shall be made at [address].