DIY Legal Forms

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Notice Of Confirmation Of Newspaper Interview


Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr [First Name] [Last Name]




Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr [Last Name]:

We are writing to confirm your request for an interview on (Date) at (Time) in your office with our employee [name of employee/director]. We understand that your newspaper is very interested in doing a story on how [Product(s)] are made.

We would hope that you can stay long enough to be able to tour our manufacturing facility, and to perhaps take some photographs for your forthcomming article. We have taken the liberty to enclose a press release that explains the background of our company and basically what we are all about.

Please feel free to contact our public relations representative (Name of Representative) at [Phone Number] for further details.

We are looking forward to meeting with youin the very near future.


Your Name

Your Position / Title