DIY Legal Forms

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Acknowledgement of Independent Contractor

The undersigned acknowledges that it has been retained by (Name), for purpose of:

[Full description]

In consideration of the foregoing, the Company agrees to pay the undersigned payment as follows:

[Amount and method of payment]

It is further acknowledged that:

1. The undersigned shall be deemed an independent contractor and is not an employee, partner, agent, or engaged in a joint venture with Company.

2. Consistent with the foregoing, the Company shall not deduct withholding taxes or any other taxes required to be deducted by an employer as I acknowledge my responsibility to pay same as an independent contractor.

3 I further acknowledge that I shall not be entitled to any fringe benefits, superannuation, retirement, profit sharing or any other benefits accruing to employees.

Signed under seal this ___________ day of ___________, 20 __.

Signed: __________________