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Sublease Agreement

01. Identification of Parties.

(a) Original Lease. [Name] is Tenant of [apartment or office designation], located at [address], leased from [name] (Landlord), under Lease dated [date].

(b) Sublease. This Sublease is between Tenant, as lessor, and [name], as lessee (Subtenant).

02. Term of Sublease. The Term of this Sublease will begin on [date] and end on [date].

03. Use of Premises. These Premises may be used for [description of use].

04. Rent. The rent for one year is ---------- dollars ($----------). Subtenant will pay this yearly rent to Tenant in twelve equal payments of ---------- dollars ($----------) per month. Payments are to be made on the [number] day of each month during the term.

05. Security Deposit. Subtenant has deposited ---------- dollars ($----------) with Tenant, to secure Subtenant's performance under this Sublease. This Security Deposit will be held by Tenant in compliance with the terms of Paragraph ---------- of the original Lease except that (a) the Term of the Lease shall refer to the Term of this Sublease and (b) the term "Tenant" shall refer to "Subtenant."

06. Notice. All notices between Tenant and Subtenant are to be sent by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested.

07. Original Lease. This Sublease is subject to the terms and conditions of the original Lease between Tenant and Landlord dated [date].

08. The Subtenant agrees to perform all of the obligations of the Tenant under the original lease and receive all of the benefits of the Tenant under this lease. Subtenant agrees to indemnify and hold the Tenant harmless from any claim which may result from the Subtenant's failure to perform under this lease after the date of this Sublease.

09. Original Landlord's Duties. Should Landlord fail to perform under the original Lease, Tenant is under no duty to perform. Subtenant must notify Tenant of Landlord's failure to perform, and Tenant shall demand of Landlord that the agreements in the original Lease be carried out.

10. Modification. The Tenant warrants that the underlying lease is in effect, has not been modified, and that the property may be sublet. If the consent of the Landlord is necessary for his Sublease to be effective, such consent is attached to this Sublease and is a part of this Sublease. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold the Subtenant harmless from any claim which may result from the Tenant's failure to perform under this lease prior to the date of this Sublease.

11. Consent. Landlord's consent to this Sublease must be received within [number] days from [date]. Failure to obtain such consent makes this Sublease void, releasing all parties and refunding all payments to Subtenant.






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