DIY Legal Forms

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General Guaranty

This guaranty is made in connection with the Promissory Note dated [Date], and the Security Agreement dated [Date], between the Borrower [Name] of [Address], and the Noteholder-Secured Party [Name[ of [Address].

For value received, the Guarantor [Name] of [Address], unconditionally guarantees payment of all payments on the above Promissory Note when due and satisfaction of all terms of the Security Agreement.

The Guarantor waives demand, presentment for payment, protest, and notice, and agrees that the Secured Party-Noteholder does not have to exhaust all rights against the Borrower before demanding payment under this guarantee.

In the event that all payments due under this Guaranty are not paid on demand within [--] days of demand, Guarantor will also be responsible for any costs of collection on this Note, including court costs and attorney fees.

This Guaranty both binds and benefits both parties and any successors.



(Signature of Guarantor)


(Signature of Secured



(Name of Guarantor)


(Name of Secured