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Application For Irrevocable Commercial Letter Of Credit

Note: The following forms and documents are prepared by the above under the laws and practice prevailing as of [Date].

Credit No:



Please issue:

[ ] By airmail

[ ] By Airmail with brief preliminary cable advice

[ ] By Full Cable

Applicant (For Account Of)

Beneficiary (In Favor Of)

Amount in words (specify currency)

Amount in Figure:

Partial Shipments


[ ] NOT allowed

[ ] Allowed


Dispatch/Shipment from:


Last date of shipment

Last date for negotiation

Available by Draft(s) at


of invoice value drawn at your option on you or your correspondents, when accompanied by documents detailed below:

[ ] Full set clean on board ocean bills of lading to the order of The Bank marked "Freight/prepaid" and notify

[ ] Inland bills of lading: [Marked Freight]

Prepaid/Collect Consigned to:

[ ] Clean Airway Bill consigned to:

Marked Freight Prepaid/Collect

[ ] Signed Commercial Invoice in

[ ] Customs Invoice in

[ ] Insurance policy or certificate in negotiable form covering marine and war risks.

[ ] Other documents

Insurance to be effected by [ ] Seller [ ] Buyer

Covering shipment of (Brief description of merchandise):

Terms (C.I.F., C & F, F.0.B., etc)

Special conditions:

All Banking charges outside of

for [ ] Beneficiary's [ ] Applicant's Account.

Documents must be presented within [ ] days after issuance date of shipping document(s) but within validity of Credit.


Customer SIC Code #

Debit drawings to Acct. #

Covered by [--] rate

future [yes] [no]

Interest Rate prime + [--%]

Commission Rate

Authorized Signature


The undersigned hereby acknowledges and agrees that the letter of credit to which this Application refers shall be subject to all terms and conditions contained in an Agreement dated [Date], between the undersigned and the Bank and which terms and conditions shall form part of and be read together with this application as representing the entire agreement between the parties in respect of the said letter of credit and that there are no covenants, representations, agreements, warranties or conditions in any way relating to the said letter of credit expressed or implied collateral or otherwise, except as expressly set forth herein and in the said Agreement.

Company Contract to:

Clarify instructions:

(Customer Signature)

Tel. No.: (Note: In case of incorporated companies and other organizations this form must be signed by properly authorized officials)

Forward to Central Branch