DIY Legal Forms

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Advice Of Credit Sales Transaction




Dear [Beneficiary]:

This is to advise you that [name and address of Issuer] has opened an irrevocable Letter of Credit No. [number] for your account in the aggregate amount of ---------- dollars ($----------).

This Credit is available by sight drafts for ---------- percent (----------%) of invoice value. These drafts shall be drawn on [name and address of Bank] and must be accompanied by the following documents:

[e.g., customs invoice, consular invoice, commercial invoice, certificate of inspection, certificate of weight, insurance certificate, packing list, certificate of origin, bills of lading].

Drafts must be marked: DRAWN UNDER LETTER OF CREDIT NO. [number] OF [issuer], these drafts must be negotiated no later than [date]. Partial shipment and transshipment is permitted.

[Issuer] hereby states that drafts drawn under this Credit will be honored when presented by you or any bona fide holder.

This Letter of Credit is subject to all laws governing letters of credit, whether foreign or domestic.

Our file number and the date of this advice should be noted on any draft drawn under the Credit and submitted to this Bank for negotiation. File No. [number].



By: [signature]

[title of authorized officer]