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Contract For Sale of Animals

01. Agreement made this _________ day of ________ [month] between ________ [name], of ________ [address] hereinafter referred to as Supplier, and ________ [name], of ________ [address] hereinafter referred to as Purchaser.

02. Kind of Animal(s). Supplier agrees to dispose of said animal(s) and Purchaser agrees to aquire [quantity] of:

[describe type of animal(s)]

03. Supplier will deliver to Purchaser all paperwork relating to the animal(s) registration and any identifying marks, and the present wherabouts and address of said animal(s).

04. Transportation. The animals are to be Transported at the aforementioned [address] on the ________ day of ________ [month] 20___.

05. Assurances. The animal(s) will be in poor/excellent salable state, guaranteed totally void from all spreadable disease and contagions.

06. Supplier assures Purchaser full and unencumbered title to the animal(s), without any liens and outstanding taxes, liens, and legal impediments.

07. Compensation. Purchaser agrees to pay Supplier the amount of ________ [$-----] for said animal(s), as follows:

[Conditions and provisions of payment;

i.e., when said animal(s) are to be transported in sets, instead of in a single transport the amount of ________ [$-----] shall be paid on the unloading of the first transport and the amount of ________ [$-----] will be paid on the unloading of each transport of animals thereafter, and the remainder will be paid on transport and the unloading of the final delivery of animals.

08. Assessment Prior to Tranaport. Each and every animal will be checked and examined at Supplier's expense, prior to transport and in accordance with local, county and state laws and protocols.

09. Title of Ownership. The title of ownership of said animal(s) will transfer to Purchaser as soon as after approval and receipt of the animals by Purchaser.

10. Flaws and Imperfections. If the animal(s) presented by Supplier do not conform with the stated terms of this Contract, Purchaser has the right to refuse delivery of said animals, and the financial shortfall goes to Supplier until such times that Supplier fixes all and any flaws.

11. No Harassment. Both parties agree not to molest, harass, interfere with, or impose any restraint upon the other, except as set out in this agreement.

12. Further Assurances. In connection with this Contract and the transactions contemplated hereby, each party to this Contract will execute and deliver any additional documents and perform any additional acts that may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate and perform its obligations under this Contract and the transactions contemplated hereby.

13. Assignment of Contract. This Contract is of a personal nature and may not be assigned.

14. Governing Law. The parties hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that this Contract is entered into in the State of [STATE] and, to the extent permitted by law, this Contract shall be construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of [STATE].

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Contract has been executed and delivered as of the day and year first above written.