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Wage Continuation Plan

Board of Directors of:

A special meeting of the Board of Directors was duly called and held at [Address], on [Date], at [Address].

All the directors waived notice of and were present at or consented to the actions taken at the meeting.

Upon motions duly made, seconded, and carried it was

Voted to adopt a Wage Continuation Plan on behalf of sick and injured employees, said plan being non-funded by insurance, but deemed to be in addition to any disability insurance or workmen's compensation benefits payable; and wherein said plan is on the terms annexed.

Voted that the President of the Corporation, or such designee as may be appointed, be further authorized to execute such documents and undertake such acts as are reasonably incidental or necessary to accomplish the foregoing.

Voted to adjourn, there being no further business to transact.

I hereby certify the foregoing is a true record of said meeting.

A True Record