DIY Legal Forms

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Club Membership

Board of Directors of:

A special meeting of the Board of Directors was duly called and held at [Address], on [Date], at [Address].

All the directors waived notice of and were present at or consented to the actions taken at the meeting.

Upon motions duly made, seconded, and carried it was

Voted to provide a fully paid club membership in [Name] for a period of [--] year(s) from date hereof; all in recognition that said club membership is desirable and beneficial to the Corporation in that it would provide a place for entertaining customers and suppliers thereby increasing its business, and further, the Corporation shall pay or reimburse said employee for all reasonable expenses incurred in connection with business related entertainment at said club.

Voted that the President of the Corporation, or such designee as may be appointed, be further authorized to execute such documents and undertake such acts as are reasonably incidental or necessary to accomplish the foregoing.

Voted to adjourn, there being no further business to transact.

I hereby certify the foregoing is a true record of said meeting.

Signed under seal on [Date].

A True Record


Secretary or Clerk