DIY Legal Forms

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Certificate Of Corporate Resolution

I, [Name], Secretary of [Corporation] do hereby certify that at a duly constituted meeting of the Stockholders and Directors of the Corporation held at the office of the Corporation on [Date], it was upon motion duly made and seconded, that it be voted:

It was upon further motion made and seconded that it be further votec: That [Name] in the capacity as [Position] of the Corporation is empowered, authorized and directed to execute, deliver and accept any and all documents and undertake all acts reasonably required or incidental to accomplish the foregoing vote, all on such terms and conditions as he or she in his or her discretion deems to be in the best interests of the Corporation.

I further certify that the foregoing votes are in full force this date without rescission, modification or amendment.

Signed under seal on [Date].

A True Record


Secretary or Clerk