DIY Legal Forms

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Authorizing Sale Of Corporate Assets

It is resolved that:

1. Parties. The officers of [name of corporation] (Corporation), with principal offices at [address], incorporated under the laws of [state], are authorized by the Board of Directors to take any necessary actions to obtain the approval of the stockholders to sell the assets of Corporation.

2. Terms. The terms of such a sale and amount and nature of consideration to be realized from that sale are as follows:

[description of terms].

3. Recordation of Agreement. A proposed agreement of purchase has been made by Corporation and will be inserted into the record of minutes of Corporation.

4. Documents of Sale. The President and Secretary of Corporation are to execute and deliver the contract of sale, along with any other necessary instruments (deeds, bills of sale, assignments) to carry out this contract of sale, as well as to execute any documents in order to enable the assets of Corporation to be sold.