DIY Legal Forms

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Authorizing Execution Of Guaranty Agreement

The stockholders of [name of corporation] (Corporation) at a meeting held on [date], and the Board of Directors of Corporation, at a meeting held on [date], resolved that:

1. Identification of Guarantor and Guaranty. Corporation will act as Guarantor for [name] (Borrower). Borrower is a corporation that is organized and exists under the laws of [state]. Guarantor is both an owner of stock in Borrower and interested in its financial affairs.

2. Guaranty of Loans. Guarantor guarantees the liabilities and obligation of Borrower to [name of bank] set forth in the attached Agreement of Guaranty [omitted].

3. Authorization. [Names], officers of Guarantor, are authorized and directed to execute in the name and on behalf of Guarantor an Agreement of Guaranty to be delivered to [name of bank]. [Name of officer] may do whatever acts are necessary to perform this Agreement of Guaranty.


[name of corporation]

By: [signature]


[corporate seal]