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Authorization Of Employee Medical-Dental Plan

After it was duly moved, seconded, and discussed, the (Corporation) Board of Directors adopted the following resolution:

WHEREAS the Board of Directors Compensation Committee has made a written recommendation, a copy of which is attached to the minutes of this meeting, that the Corporation establish a health care benefits package for its employees, covering both medical and dental benefits, and

WHEREAS the Board of Directors believes that such a program would enable the Corporation to attract and retain highly qualified and desirable employees, it is hereby:

RESOLVED that the Employee Health Plan recommended by the Compensation Committee is hereby approved and adopted by the Board of Directors.

I, [Name], certify that I am the duly appointed secretary of the (Corporation) and that the above resolution was duly adopted at a Board of Directors meeting, convened and held in accordance with the laws of the State of [State] and the bylaws of the Corporation on [Date] and that such resolution is now in full force and effect.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, I certify by my hand and the seal of the (Corporation) that this is a true and correct copy.