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Goods Delivered in Commercial Units

Delivery in Commercial Units. The goods that are the subject of this Agreement shall be delivered in three commercial units, the first of which shall be delivered on or before [date]; the second, no later than [date]; and the third, no later than [date]. For the purposes of this Agreement, a "commercial unit" shall mean any unit of goods that by commercial usage is a single whole for the purpose of sale, division of which materially impairs its character or value on the market [or, in use] and includes the following, any one of which shall constitute a "commercial unit" under this Agreement:

Unit 1: [description]

Unit 2: [description]

Payment for each installment shall be made no later than [number] days following delivery of the said installment. The amount to be paid shall be that percentage of the purchase price that is represented by the value of the commercial unit delivered. Failure to deliver any installment by the date specified shall constitute grounds for Buyer to cancel this Agreement.