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Purchase Option In House Lease

Purchase Price. The purchase price of the goods is ---------- dollars ($----------) per [describe unit]. The purchase price may be increased from time to time as follows: Seller may adjust the purchase price on the [day] of any [month, quarter, or other period] by giving Buyer written notice of such increase no later than [number] days before the effective date of the increase. If Buyer does not object to the increase in writing no later than [number] days following receipt of the notice of increase, the increased price shall be deemed accepted by Buyer and shall remain in force until Seller notifies Buyer of a further adjustment of the purchase price in accordance with the provisions hereof. If Buyer makes timely objection to the increase of the purchase price, Seller may elect to continue to supply the goods to Buyer at the current price or to terminate this Agreement upon written notice to Buyer given no later than [number] days following receipt of Buyer's objection. All notices required hereunder shall be made by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, and shall be deemed to have been received no later than [number] days following posting.