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(Type B)

[Name]acknowledges that sensitive and confidential information concerning the nature of the Business and activities of the Company may be made available to him and he agrees that he shall, and shall cause his Affiliates and any nominees of the board of directors of the Company to, keep confidential any information of any kind related to the Business including, without limitation, the contents of any and all agreements, subscription lists, customer lists, newspaper morgues, photofiles, advertising materials, contract quotations, charity contracts, documents, computer programs, tapes, books, records, files and tax returns (collectively hereinafter referred to as "Information") acquired by him while employed by the Company in respect of the Business or activities of the Company except and to the extent only that

(i) such information is available to the public generally in the form disclosed, or

(ii) such parties are required by law to disclose, file or register the same, or

(iii) such disclosure is necessary or advisable to obtain any consent, authorization, approval or license of or from any governmental, public or regulatory body or authority on behalf of the Company and disclosure would not breach his duties to the Company or customers or clients of the Company or their respective Affiliates, or

(iv) the Company has consented to such disclosure being made, or

(v) such disclosure is made to professional advisors to obtain advice thereon or in connection therewith on behalf of the Company and such advisors are bound to keep such information confidential or

(vi) disclosure is made in connection with legal proceedings on behalf of the Company.

The parties hereto agree not to disclose any confidential information to each other with respect to this Agreement. If it becomes necessary to make such disclosure, the parties shall enter into a separate confidentiality agreement prior to making such disclosure.