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Gardening & Lawn Service Agreement

[Name], hereinafter referred to as Service, and [Name], hereinafter referred to as Owner, agree:

Service shall provide landscaping for Owner beginning on the _________ day of ___________ 20 ___, and concluding on the _________ day of ___________ 20 ___.

Such services shall generally be provided weekly.

Service shall mow and edge the lawn, comprising approximately (--) square feet in a competent and professional manner. The parties shall consult from time to time concerning the length and appearance of the lawn.

Service shall every months apply fertilizer and pesticides suitable for the lawn.

Service shall keep bushes and shrubs trimmed. The parties shall consult from time to time concerning the appearance of the shrubs.

Service shall tend the following plants as appropriate:

The following services shall be provided on the schedules stated:

For the services provided for herein, the Owner shall pay the service, in advance, as follows:

This agreement may be terminated by either party on (--) days prior written notice.

Service shall not be responsible for replacement of trees, shrubs or other plants which are lost to casualty such as theft, aberrant weather or disease.

Service shall maintain at all times adequate public liability insurance.

This agreement may only be modified in writing executed by the parties hereto.

Dated: _____________.