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Letter Seeking Financial Partner

[Company Letterhead]


[Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr] [First Name] [Last Name]




[City] [State] [Zip]

Dear [Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr] [Last Name]:

Over the last (--) years, our firm has enjoyed a remarkable growth of (--%) in a time when industry standards lagged behind at (--%). In fact, our growth rate surpasses that of (--%) of our competitors and our company is highly respected by numerous prospective investors.

We are looking for an individual to share in our success as a financial partner. As a financial partner, you will benefit from our growing profits and a high rate of return on your investment.

The additional financial income generated from an additional partner would be used to make capital investments in our firm. Enclosed are some literature on the history of our firm, an annual report and a Year to End Profit and Loss Statement. Also, please find a detailed outline of our projected business plan.

Please call me to arrange a convenient time for us to meet. I look forward to discussing our company's data in detail and for your future involvement with our business. We are sure you will be very interested in this investment after hearing the details.


[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Phone Number]