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Commendation On Excellent Sales





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Dear ____________:

Business has its continual ups and down, and co-workers must work together and support one another under all circumstances.

We are concerned as it has come to our attention that you may be blaming yourself on a recent sales failure. The conditions over the loss of the sale was, as we firmly believe, not your fault and one of which you had no control over.

You have proven that you are not only a capable, but excellent salesmen. We are proud of the accomplishments of your past sales, and believe that there's nothing that can hold you back from future successful sales. You're a motivated person who has an excellent product to sell.

In the months to come, we feel confident that you will persevere in a manner that will result in an increase in sales and commissions that will far exceed our projections and expectations.

The business outlook for the coming year is much brighter than it has been for some time. Please contact me personally to discuss the companies new marketing and sales program.


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