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Gif Section Application






Date of birth:

Driver's license:

State of issuance:

Place of employment:

Phone number (work):

Phone number (home):

(The above applicant will be referred to as "User")

Conditions of access to GIif section:

(The term GIF is a generic term describing digitized images or movies which are in a form capable of being transmitted over modems and viewed with appropriate software by a computer.)

The GIF section may contain pictures of nudity or sexual acts. User desires access to such materials. Accordingly, the User agrees:

1) The (Name) will not grant GIF access to any person below the age of (--) years and, may refuse access to any person who cannot be verified as to age.

2) That User will not share their password and other access information, and will take reasonable steps to insure that their password cannot be found by other users of their computer. If a family uses the same computer, the (Name) will provide a separate password for adult users who are signatories to an application and for under age applicants.

3) The User will indemnify the (Name) system from any and all claims related to files which User downloads or uploads from or to the (Name). That User will take reasonable steps to insure that the files cannot be viewed by persons below the age of 18. Such reasonable steps could consist of, but are not limited to:

1) locking disks containing the files in a secure area, or,

2) using encryption so that Gif images received from this (Name) are enciphered and not accessible by others, or,

3) using password or other protection of access to the system, or,

4) physically limiting access to the computer (ie., locking the computer in a room or area not open to others).

4) That User will not sell or otherwise commercially exploit the files and their images received through this (Name).

5) In the event that User uploads Gif's, the User shall insure that all persons depicted are over 18 years of age. Further, that User will verify that such files are properly distributable (ie., do not violate copyright).

6) That in the event User has reasonable cause to believe that any GIF viewed depicts scenes in violation of the law, that User will erase the same on their system and advise the (Name) through a private message to the systems operator (Name) of User's concerns.

7) The (Name) may bar a User from the system for violation of these rules. The (Name) may in addition refer to appropriate authorities any user transmitting unlawful sexually explicit pictures of children. The (Name) may discontinue provision of a Gif section at any time in its sole discretion.

Dated: _______________.