DIY Legal Forms

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Notice of Warehouse Lien and Sale


From: [name and address of warehouseman]

To: [persons having an interest in the goods involved]

Pursuant to Section 7-209 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), [name] (Warehouseman) claims a lien upon the following:

[schedule of goods including the receipt number, date, quantity, and description]

Warehouseman claims the following amounts as due:

[list, specifying storage, insurance, labor, and other details]

Unless these charges are paid in full by [date] [must be at least ten days after receipt of notice] pursuant to Section 7-210 of the UCC, the Goods will be advertised for sale by auction at [address] on [date] at [hour] AM [PM] [time zone].

[name of warehouse]

By: [signature]