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Agreement For Hire Of Commercial Studio

This Agreement is by and between (Name and Address of Studio), hereinafter referred to as Studio and (Name and Address of Hirer), hereafter referred to as __________________, on this ________ day of _______ 20 _, do hereby agree to the following:


Hirer shall rent the following studio time from Studio commencing on (date) to (date). Times stated must be strictly followed. Studio may require Hirer to vacate the studio at the expiration of time stated.

Hirer shall pay to Studio a fee of $------ per hour of studio time use, with a minimum of (--) hours. A charge of $------ shall apply to each hour of use thereafter. A studio technician is available upon advanced notice, at a charge of $------ per hour. In the event that a request is made for additional time, Studio shall not be required to provide a studio technician. In the event that a technician is available, but, additional work would require overtime payment, such overtime shall be paid by Hirer.

Property and Consumables. The studio rental fee shall not include consumable supplies such as recording tape, splicing tape or boxes. Hirer shall be strictly responsible for any breakage occurring during recording sessions and shall reimburse Studio for items broken or damaged. Hirer acknowledges a (lien/security) in favor of Studio upon all master recordings, dubs, mix-downs and work parts created during Hirer's recordings to secure payment of any and all charges due to the Studio whether the same is for the specific recording liened.

Unless otherwise requested and agreed to in writing, the Studio will store master tapes or copies thereof. Studio shall not be required to retain master tapes for any specific period unless the same is expressly agreed upon in writing.

Liability and Disclosure. Studio shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages such as loss of profit in the event that it fails to properly record or otherwise breaches its contractual obligations herein. The sole remedy of Hirer in the event of a failure to record, whether related to quality or any other reason by Studio shall be a refund of charges incurred, or at the option of Hirer a credit allowing the use of the studio for an equivalent time. In the event of a refund, Hirer shall either permit.

Studio to destroy all master tapes and all copies, whether made by Hirer or by Studio, or shall return all master tapes and copies thereof to Studio.

Sole Indemnification. Hirer shall not disclose the name of the studio in connection with the recordings, however distributed, without the prior approval of Studio, and in written form.

Hirer agrees to indemnify Studio from any claims of copyright infringment or other liability related to intellectual property on recordings created by Studio at Hirer's direction.

If at the request of Hirer, any third party talent is used, Hirer shall be responsible for any fees associated with the same and further, Hirer shall indemnify Studio from any claims for personal injury related to such third party talent.

In the event that the reserved time is not used by Hirer the minimum fee stated shall be earned by Studio as liquidated damages for the preparation and loss of use caused by the cancellation.

This is the entire agreement of the parties, and the same may only be modified or terminated by an instrument in writing.

Executed on the date as first above written at (City/State).

Signed: _______________________


Signed: _______________________