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Catering Services Agreement

------------------------, referred to as Caterer, and ---------------------, referred to as Purchaser, agree:

Caterer shall provide complete catering services for an event to be held at on ________________, 20 __, for guests.

Caterer shall be provided access to the area for the event, including the following materials to be provided by the purchaser no later than on the date of the event. Time is of the essence, and the success of the event cannot be guaranteed without the materials being provided as agreed at the time agreed.

Purchaser please initial here: ____________

The catering shall consist of courses with the following menu:

Unless specifically noted in this contract the Caterer's standard recipes for the menu.

Catering for the services for the following special dietary needs shall be provided:

The following utensils will be provided:

Caterer shall provide complete clean up of the food and cutlery and must be permitted on in the area for the event for a period of at least after the end of the event.

Caterer shall be paid as follows:

Total price of $------.

Deposit of $------ to be paid no later than _____________, 20__.

Payment of remaining charges in full to be paid no later than ________, 20 __.

If canceled before ______________, 20 __ a refund of percent shall be made.

If canceled on or after ______________, 20 __, a refund of percent shall be made.

If canceled after _________________, 20 __, no refund will be made. The cancellation percentage is based upon the costs incurred by the Caterer in advanced preparation and preclusion of other work. Due to the fact that the damages suffered by the Caterer are difficult of computation, the parties agree that the cancellation charges herein are liquidated damages and not a penalty.

In the event that the charges are not paid by _____________, 20 __, the same shall be considered as a cancellation.