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Show Ground Advertising Agreement

-------------------------, referred to as Advertiser, and ------------------------, referred to as Facility, agree:

Advertiser hereby purchases the right to display an advertisement of the following size:

located at:

during the following events:

, commencing on________________ and ending on ________________, 20 __.

In the event that events other than those provided for above occur in facility, Facility may at its sole expense, remove AdvertiserS sign, provided that Facility shall restore the display of Advertiser prior to the next event contracted for by advertiser. Advertiser herewith permits Facility, at its option, to display Advertiser's message during any events not provided for herein. No extra fee shall be due for such displays.

The Advertiser shall provide copy for the sign to facility no later than. Said copy shall contain no more than colors. Said copy shall be subject to approval by the Facility. Facility shall render the same using workmen of its choice on on before the date provided for the commencement of the display.

Advertiser shall pay a charge of $------ for the installation.

The Advertiser shall be permitted to make no more than changes in copy, which copy shall be changed in the same manner as the initial installation provided herein.

Advertiser shall pay a fee of $------ for the display plus any applicable sales or services taxation, in advance. Lighting or electricity shall not be provided unless specifically stated herein and upon payment of an additional fee for the same.

Said sum shall be earned by the Facility upon payment.

Advertiser shall not be entitled to any rebate or adjustment in the event that any events scheduled is postponed or canceled; except in the event of total cancellation of the events provided for in this agreement.

Advertiser warrants and represents to Facility that:

The copy herein is for a legal and lawful product or service;

That the Advertiser has the right to display all of the marks and other messages stated herein; and that Advertiser shall indemnify and hold Facility harmless from any claims related to the display of the message.

Upon request and payment of the charges therefor, Facility will cover the display for such time periods at the Advertiser may request.

This agreement is personal to the Advertiser and may not be assigned without the prior written consent of the Facility.

This is the entire agreement between the parties and the same may only be changed by a writing executed by both parties hereto.

Dated: _______________

For :



For :