DIY Legal Forms

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Advertising Purchase Order






Purchase order number:

Advertising dates: ______ to ______


Contact person:

Telephone number: (--)

Value of this purchase order: $------

Conditions of Order

Acceptance of this order must be by return of a signed copy of this form by an appointed officer of (Name). Do not attach additional conditions without prior (verbal/written) clearance from (Name). (Name) may request periodical confirmation of performance.

If advertising materials are to be prepared by (Name), the same must be provided for approval at least (--) working days prior to the deadline for first advertisement to appear. If you are unable to provide all advertising specified, contact (Name) immediately. Accounting and billing reference the above purchase order number and date.

Accounting and billing must not be more frequent than every (--) days. Alterations or additions to this notice must be confirmed by an amended purchase order in writing. If assigned advertising materials are provided by (Name), they must be returned unless otherwise noted after the last appearance of the advertisement.

Trading Terms: Net 30 days.

*** See Attached Sheet For Exact Specifications ****

Signed: _______________

Name of authorised personnel: