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Work For Hire Agreement

Dated: _

Company: _

Address: _

Name of Worker: _

Address: _

This document serve as official agreement to contract your services on a work for hire basis, providing finishing work on seven restrooms at our brand-new facility.

I THE UNDERSIGNED (Contractor) shall be paid the sum of $ (Dollars) by Customer for the services described herein. The sum shall be paid upon the timely completion of all duties described here on or before________________.

Contractor agrees to use the greatest possible effort to provide materials according to the specifications presented by customer.

Contractor shall, at all times, use his or her own tools and employees to complete the terms of this Agreement. Contractor shall not be supervised by Customer but shall proceed to accomplish the task hereunder in whatsoever manner is deemed appropriate within the scope of this agreement.

Customer is aware that contractor may have other customers and jobs simultaneous with this job.

This agreement does not constitute an employment Agreement, and Contractor shall be considered only as an independent contractor and not as an employee, agent, partner, or joint venture of Customer.

Contractor shall be solely responsible for any and all safety measures and taxes (state, federal, and local); worker's compensation insurance payments; disability payments; social security payments; unemployment insurance payments; insurance payments; and any similar type of payment for Contractor or any employee thereof, and shall hold Customer harmless for any and all accidents and payments.

Please acknowledge your acceptance of this Work for Hire Agreement by completing the areas below and returning a copy to my attention. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

I, ___________, on behalf of ____________ Company, are authorized to agree to perform the work indicated above under the terms and conditions of this Work for Hire Agreement.

Date: ______________