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Property Easement Agreement

-------------------, referred to as Owner, and ------------------------, referred to as Grantee, agree:

Owner is the owner in fee simple of the following described real estate:

In consideration of $------ paid by Grantee, the Owner grants to Grantee an exclusive easement to excavate and remove sand and gravel, which shall include all necessary and ancillary rights thereto including the right of ingress and egress, the right to erect outbuildings or to store equipment thereon for a period of years. However, at the expiration of the term of this lease, Grantee shall remove all such equipment and outbuildings. Further, Grantee shall at the time of termination of this agreement slope all banks which may be hazardous.

Grantee shall promptly begin excavation operations and shall diligently utilize the property for the purpose of excavating sand and gavel and shall maintain continuous and regular excavations.

Grantee shall pay $------ per for all sand or gravel removed to Owner with settlement and payment due no later than the fifth of each month for the previous month. Grantee shall keep complete and accurate records of the amounts of sand and gravel removed from the property. Such records shall be subject to the right of Owner to inspect the same at all reasonable times.

Grantee shall construct fences around any sand and gravel pits sufficient and as used in good practice. Grantee shall at all times maintain insurance with minimum limits of $------ for public liability.

Owner may use any portions of the property not being excavated or reasonably required by Grantee.

The grant of easement herein shall bind the heirs and assigns of the Owner; however, Grantee may not assign the rights hereunder without the consent of Owner. The rights herein shall be specifically enforceable.

Dated: ______________


(Name), Owner


(Name), Grantee

Witnesses as to Owner:



Witnesses as to Grantee: