DIY Legal Forms

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Prime Building Contract (Type A)


Contractor's Name:

Contractor's License Number:

Contractor's Address:

Contractor's Phone/Email/Facsimile:


Owner Name:

Owner Address:

Owner Telephone/Fax:

Re Project:

Construction Lender: Name and address of construction fund holder is:

Description of Project (according to the plans and specifications, including materials and equipment to be used or installed):

Contractor will furnish all labor, materials and equipment to construct in a good workmanlike manner:

Work to be performed at:

Time for completion: The work to be performed by Contractor pursuant to this Agreement shall be substantially completed within __________ (--) days or approximately on (Date): _________.

Payment: This is a cash transaction. Owner agrees to pay Contractor a total cash price of $ ______.

Down payment (if any) $ ______.

Payment Schedule as follows:

Interest: Overdue payments will bear interest at the rate of _______ % per month.

Other terms and conditions (specify other terms and conditions):

Date _______:

Owner Signature

Contractor Signature