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Contracting Agreement (Small Job)

(This agreement can be used for a contracting job under $20,000.)

Contracting Agreement

[Name] and [Name], referred to as Owner, and [Name], Inc., referred to as Contractor, agree as follows:

Contractor shall perform the following services for Owner:

on the following estimated schedule:

for the following price: $------- (dollars) Contractor shall be responsible for the following in addition to the workman like performance of the work stated above:

Provision of all permits required for the services to be performed above.

Provision of worker's compensation insurance, general liability insurance in a minimum amount of $------ (dollars).

The stipulated contract price shall be paid as follows:

When bona fide bills for materials are presented the same shall be paid directly by the Owner within the terms provided. Labor shall be paid as follows:

1/3 on rough in; 1/3 on inspection; 1/6 on completion; 1/6 on final inspection and completion of appearance/punch list items.

The Contractor shall daily remove all trash and debris from the premises.

This is the entire agreement between the parties and this agreement may only be altered in writing.

Dated: _____________