DIY Legal Forms

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Consent To Zoning & Land Use Variance

This form is used when a party seeking a variance (exception) to land use/zoning regulations is either required, or desires to, gain consent from adjoining property owners.

Consent to Variance

State of____________.

County ofF___________.

Adjoining Property Owner, adjoining property owner to the parcel of property owned by __________ Property Owner, which is subject to the following application for a variance from land use regulations:

Type of variance: Conduct Weekly ____________.

Application number:


before _______ County/State Zoning Board, herewith consents to the proposed variance.

Legal description of property where variance is sought:

Legal description of adjoining property:

Waives any further notices of hearing or decision in regard to this application.

Dated: _____________.


Adjoining Property Owner, as

owner of adjoining parcel