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License For Use Of Lyrics In A Book


[Name of Company]


Dear [Name]:

We hereby grant to you permission to reprint portions of the lyric only from our copyrighted musical composition, [Enumerate], by [Name] in the English language version of your forthcoming book [Entitled], subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. You shall pay us a fee of [$------], check made payable to [Name], and addressed to the attention of the undersigned.

2. The following copyright notice(s) must appear at the bottom of the page on which the quote appears, suitably asterisked, or as an alternative, we authorize copyright notice to be included on appropriate credit or copyright acknowledgment pages:

Copyright (c) [Year]. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

3. The territory covered by this permission is world-wide.

4. You shall furnish us with [--] copies of the publication for our files.

This permission is for your use only, covering only the English language version of the first single [hardcover/softcover] edition and its reprints, and does not extend to abridgments, [softcover/hardcover] or editions published by any other person, firm or corporation, excepting those involved in Braille transcription and/or large type production for the physically handicapped, permission for which is hereby included.

This permission shall be valid upon your signing and returning to us one copy of this letter along with your remittance and upon the performance by you of the other terms and conditions hereof on your part to be performed.


[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Telephone Number]

Agreed & Accepted:

[Name] Publishing Company.